Current Obsessions – Handmade Leather Bags

,,I really don’t need another handbag’’ -said no women ever. Women and bags are spiritually connected! A woman’s bag is her most loyal company everywhere.

Starting from myself first, I am addicted to buying new bags. The pleasure associated with getting myself a new purse even outweighs my thrill of spending money on a glitzy pair of heels. It makes sense to me. You know why? I can never grow out of a handbag-literally. A designer handbag is serious investment. Also I’ll spend less on clothes, because my handbag transforms any look into luxury.

So guys, today I am more than happy to share my current obsession for bags with all of you. Recently I’ve discovered a new store in Skopje, and it’s a must-visit one. Pinky Swear, you can’t leave the store without a bag. I’m talking about LUXANTICA Store, specialized for a handmade limited edition leather bags and accessories. In the store you can find a wide variety of leather bags, including THE MANUEL CO. and IVKOVIC 1789.

Location: GTC 1st Floor

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